Michael Taylor, D.C. is an accomplished chiropractor and healthcare advocate who practices in Modesto, CA.  He graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1988, and has built one of the largest practices in the United States over the last 29 years.  He continues to practice full time and averages over 25 new patients per week to this day.

Dr. Taylor grew up with a dad who was a pharmacist.  So, he was raised in a very medical environment.  He became interested in chiropractic and a more natural approach to health after a baseball injury in college.  A chiropractor helped his shoulder where medical professionals had failed, and he began looking into alternatives to traditional medical care.

His background and experience in practice leave him uniquely qualified to talk about general healthcare and the best approaches to stay healthy as well as treat problems.  He is not against drugs and surgery.  He is against unnecessary drugs and surgery and feels that a conservative approach is always best whenever possible.

Michael is married to his incredible wife Danyel.  He has four children and two beautiful grandsons

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